Dear Vendor,
Supplier Manual 2017 Updated
SMA tool kit Updated
If special process needs to be outsourced, Suppliers are requested to carryout only with the approved Tier 2 suppliers list as mentioned in the Supplier portal. It is also requested to verify the available list on regular basis for any updation. Any change of source has to be routed through SICR process
Password Must be 6 Digits atleast one numeric value
Please supply materials in Appropriate, Dedicated & Clean containers only .Parts without Dedicated containers WILL NOT BE INWARDED.

* Please use QR6S Format for Corrective action and Update QR6S in E-Quality Portal

* Supplier Initiated Change Request Form (SICR) Launched

* Upload Process Capability Report Within 5th of every Month in Web Portal

* Supplier Performance Rating Upgraded as Supplier Score Card - You Will Receive Monthly Score Card Through E-Mail